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About Jessica Askins

Agency Owner | Group/Business Specialist

Jessica Askins is a licensed Insurance Professional serving clients in multiple states providing both Individual and Group options. Tenacious and bold, she works tirelessly to provide end-to-end solutions for her clients in Medicare, Supplemental, Health, Life Insurance, and Retirement Planning to help them achieve their financial goals.

In 2004 while living in Mooresville, NC, Jessica started her career in Life Insurance and then added a Health license to assist her clients with Medicare plans. She moved back to her home state, Ohio, in 2006 and added a Property and Casualty (P&C) license to offer home, auto, and commercial insurance coverage to her areas of expertise.

Jessica branched out into Group Benefits in 2008 working with many public sector as well as private sector employers. Then in 2016, she partnered with Innovative Financial Group (IFG), one of the leading solution providers in the Medicare space. IFG is one of the fastest-growing insurance brokerages in the country, delivering customized solutions for Medicare, Supplemental, Life & Health Insurance, and Retirement Planning through a large platform of diverse insurance products and services.

Jessica has a passion for helping people. Community is important with her son, Declan, four siblings, nine nieces and nephews, and her mother nearby. Many agents “sell” someone a policy based on profit. Jessica will work to ensure your benefits portfolio is complete and in your best interest.

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Askins Insurance Group is the ultimate insurance agency delivering customized solutions through a large platform of diverse insurance products and services. Providing clients with an end-to-end solution for Health, Medicare Supplemental, Life Insurance, and Retirement Planning.





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Backed by Innovative Financial Group

In 2016, Jessica Askins began her partnership with Innovative Financial Group (IFG), one of the leading solution providers in the Medicare space.

Matthew Murray asked, "Why IFG?" Jessica responded It's awesome to have people I can go to for marketing advice, website development, and mentorship. She added, "There are lots of agents within the IFG family that are more than willing to help. I am always ready to help other agents, and other agents are willing to help me. Plus, there's always someone to reach out to because you are not just on an island trying to do it by yourself."

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